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Susanne Schmidt is a founder and the Artistic Director of Say It Forward. A standup comic and comedic storyteller, she is a Moth Story Slam winner, host, and regional producer. In 2015, Susanne was voted the winner of both the Academy of Music Theater / New England Public Radio Valley Voices Grand Slam and Vermont’s Extempo Tell Off. She has appeared in the Boston Women in Comedy Festival, Toronto SheDot Festival, and is a member of the Vermont Comedy Divas. By day, Susanne is a professor of graduate studies at Southern New Hampshire University's Program in Clinical Mental Health. She is a teaching artist at the Flynn Center for the Performing Arts, a keynote speaker and organizational consultant who's work helps guide organizations an individuals to take the funny and poignant events of our lives and turn them into stories that heal, inspire, and entertain listeners. For upcoming events, visit her at


Kevin Gallagher - Co-founder, Storytelling Coach

Kevin is a clinical mental health counselor by day and a hilarious storyteller by night. He was born into this way of life as a second generation Irishman who indeed kissed the Blarney Stone. A  Moth Story Slam winner and a finalist in the Extempo Vermont Tell Off, Kevin has appeared throughout the country. When Kevin is not helping people make sense of the stories of their lives in therapy, he is a regional and international speaker/facilitator  in the areas of team building, diversity, and working collaboratively across disciplines. Kevin lives and practices in Burlington, Vermont, a place he claims keeps him sane and connected to what is important.


Sharon O'Neill our amazing Production Manager originally hails from Newtown Connecticut but now calls the people's republic of Burlington home. With a degree in art therapy, Sharon is a master weaver of fabric as well as the threads that hold our organization together! For more info about  Say It Forward, get in touch with her at


The Brevity Thing - Steve Goldman, Dave Ball, Sue Schmidt and Jom Hammack, provide a level of entertainment unto itself. Accomplished musicians who write, arrange and perform music throughout Vermont. The men of Brevity join together with the storytellers to provide the perfect soundtrack to a live event. 


If you are a storyteller who would like to be considered for an upcoming show, we would love to hear from you!

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