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Susanne Schmidt is a standup comedienne, master storyteller and producer for The Moth. Her work has been featured on CBS News, The Moth and National Public Radio. Susanne has appeared in The Boston Women in Comedy Festival, The Toronto SheDot Festival and named the “Best of the Valley Voices” by The Academy of Music Theater and New England Public Radio. Susanne is a teaching artist at the Flynn Center for the Performing Arts, a graduate professor of Clinical Mental Health Counseling and the mother of two amazing young men who would prefer that she stop talking about them on stage.

Kevin Gallagher - Co-Founder, Performer, Story Coach


Kevin Gallagher is a psychotherapist by day, listening to the stories of life. But in the evenings he transforms into a storyteller, battling with the curse of the Irish: the gift of gab and the misery of insecurity. He lives in Vermont and is blessed with a cat and a partner, Michael and Blossom (you figure out who is who) and they provide much of the laundry and housework that completes his fulfilling life. When he is not in the throws of psychotherapy, he enjoys the lack of macramé he might otherwise endure. Kevin is a Moth GrandSLAM winner. 

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The Brevity Thing  - Steve Goldman, Dave Ball and Jom Hammack, provide a level of entertainment unto itself. Accomplished musicians who write, arrange and perform music throughout Vermont. The "Men of Brevity" join together with the storytellers to provide the perfect soundtrack to a live event. 

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Bobby Stoddard loves his kids more than anything and lives high in the hills of the Green Mountains in Vermont. When not obsessing over skiing and mountain biking, Bobby is a builder specializing in wheelchair-accessible tree houses and repurposing antique barns. Bobby is a Moth Story Slam Champion and a frequent performer with Say It Forward, Extempo and Shelburne Vineyard Wine and Story. He has appeared with Say It Forward in “Are We There Yet”, “Friends with Words and Music” and, “Stories From the Heart.”

Cindy Pierce is a leading social sexuality educator and comic storyteller who has been performing since 2004. Combining humor and research, she enlightens people about the choices and obstacles confronted in today’s media-driven world. Cindy is the author of SEXPLOITATION: Helping Kids Develop Healthy Sexuality in a Porn Driven World and is co-author of Finding the Doorbell. Cindy has been honored as one of 14 Remarkable Women of the Arts in New Hampshire Magazine. Cindy has performed with Say it Forward in both “Are we There Yet” and, “Aging Out Loud.”

Marlon Fisher is a native of Brooklyn, NY, Marlon "Big Fish" Fisher has made his home in Burlington, VT.  His comedic inspiration is drawn from his everyday life experience as a Black Man in VT.  He started performing stand-up while he was deployed to Afghanistan to boost the morale of his fellow soldiers.  He is also known for his infectious chuckle.  When Marlon is not running after his 2 little boys, he is performing standup around New England. He is a story event host for Say it Forward.

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